Live PerformanceIMPORTANT UPDATE: I have a new website! Please visit themusicinstigator.com for the latest information, including the Music Instigator podcast!

William Arnold is a composer, arranger, and performer specializing in world flutes and voice. He calls himself the Music Instigator, a “job title” that describes his passion for helping people experience the joy of spontaneous music making.

William’s latest recording project is Expedition: Nutcracker Suite, an exciting new twist on the popular classic. Experience Tchaikovsky’s memorable music played in styles from around the world, including Reggae, Dixieland, Celtic, Samba, and Gypsy Jazz. This festive melting pot of sounds will make your toes tap and your heart smile! Click here to check it out!

William’s first solo album, Expedition, takes the listener on an imaginary journey from the ruins of the Byzantine empire to the backwaters of Louisiana. Discover a forgotten outpost in the middle of a barren wilderness. Witness a ritual scorpion dance and refresh your spirits at the Oasis Cafe. Sail across the Pacific and experience a majestic sunrise. Cross the New World on the expansive railway built by Chinese and Irish immigrants. Join the Expedition!