The Making of Fire Dance

firedance4I’ve enjoyed using the live video feature on Facebook to make two videos recently. The first time I didn’t really have much of a plan and just ended up demonstrating a bunch of flutes. The second one was me improvising some “tribal/native” vocals over a track I had been working on. I had a lot of fun responding to the people who tuned in and singing a bunch of takes live. After shooting the video, I ended up using part of the first take, plus another one, as the basis for a final melody. My initial plan was just to do one lead, possibly with some other voices in the background. Eventually, however, I decided to multi-track that one melody eight different times. Each time, I tried to sing it with a slightly different vocal tone. One of these takes stuck out too much in the mix so I eliminated it. What you will hear in the final track are the other seven, panned across the stereo field. I also ended up changing the arrangement a bit, adding a low droning chant, and recording my Selmer song flute for the middle section.

Here’s the live video:


static1.squarespace.comCycle, from composer Dylan Jones, is a new album of ambient music featuring 16 tracks that total 2 1/2 hours of music. That’s a lot of chill time! Here’s what Jones has to say about the theme of this project:

“The concept of CYCLE is simple: each of the 16 tracks symbolizes an emotional step of a failed relationship, from the moment two people lay eyes on each other to the point where the relationship is over and each person is moving on from the other, to something ultimately better-suited for them.”

The music of Cycle combines Jones’s lush electronic compositions with various solo instrumentalists and vocalists. Here is how Jones describes the process he followed in putting the music together: