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You are transformed into an ethereal, ancient alien, who must work with your clan to ascend through a mind-bending, mystical world to be reunited with your tribe. Be prepared to have your reality turned upside down! Engineerium is a virtual reality game from Zero...

The Making of Fire Dance

firedance4I’ve enjoyed using the live video feature on Facebook to make two videos recently. The first time I didn’t really have much of a plan and just ended up demonstrating a bunch of flutes. The second one was me improvising some “tribal/native” vocals over a track I had been working on. I had a lot of fun responding to the people who tuned in and singing a bunch of takes live. After shooting the video, I ended up using part of the first take, plus another one, as the basis for a final melody. My initial plan was just to do one lead, possibly with some other voices in the background. Eventually, however, I decided to multi-track that one melody eight different times. Each time, I tried to sing it with a slightly different vocal tone. One of these takes stuck out too much in the mix so I eliminated it. What you will hear in the final track are the other seven, panned across the stereo field. I also ended up changing the arrangement a bit, adding a low droning chant, and recording my Selmer song flute for the middle section.

Here’s the live video: