static1.squarespace.comCycle, from composer Dylan Jones, is a new album of ambient music featuring 16 tracks that total 2 1/2 hours of music. That’s a lot of chill time! Here’s what Jones has to say about the theme of this project:

“The concept of CYCLE is simple: each of the 16 tracks symbolizes an emotional step of a failed relationship, from the moment two people lay eyes on each other to the point where the relationship is over and each person is moving on from the other, to something ultimately better-suited for them.”

The music of Cycle combines Jones’s lush electronic compositions with various solo instrumentalists and vocalists. Here is how Jones describes the process he followed in putting the music together:

“After writing the music, most of the time I felt it wasn’t enough. Though it was me telling my story, I wanted to know how someone would interpret what I had written. That is when I began to invoke the help of numerous friends to improvise with their respective instruments on my tracks. I gave them little to no direction, as I just wanted to see how they would insert their own emotions into mine. So at that, I’d like to thank Anna Kline, Michael Dudley, Natalie Beckenbaugh, Emily Damelio, Bryan Nguyen, William Arnold, Shu-Li Cheah, Jeremy Myint, and John Vaughn for taking the time to bring their own life into my music.”

My own contributions can be found on three separate tracks: Lifting Gravity (flutes), Falling Into the Abyss (vocals), and Waiting for Dawn (flutes, whistling, vocals). I highly recommend you check it out! Here are some places where you can listen to excerpts and purchase the album:

Google Play: