I had the opportunity to play on a bunch of tracks for Dramedy Volume 2, from Brand X Music.

Brand X is back with Dramedy Volume 2 and this time it’s all about sophisticated storytelling and whimsical wonder. A light modern touch will suit any genre from quirky intrigue to romantic comedy. Put this album on your top shelf, it’s guaranteed to be the one you won’t hear anywhere else! Twenty one brand new, classy and energetic tracks that pluck and pulse with flavor in styles ranging from dreamy pads and expressive woodwinds to saucier exotic selections. Featuring the inexhaustible work of Tom Gire, Dirk Ehlert, Corey Martin, Robert William Lamond, Erick DeVore, and Zachary David Marsh.

Here are a few of the tracks for your listening pleasure:

Native Spirit (Clarinet, Udu, Flute)

Wunderkind (Flute, Vocals)

Sequential Analysis (Flute)

Grand Inquisitor (Flute, Vocals)

For licensing and quote requests: info@brandxmusic.net.

Click here to check out the whole album!