Shan Bawu

Introducing Shān Bawu: the first in a series of wind instruments recorded by acclaimed world flutist William Arnold. The Bawu is a Chinese instrument with a pure, clarinet-like timbre, and players often incorporate the use of ornamentation, bending tones in particular.

This virtual instrument is highly expressive, featuring multiple transition styles, including slur, slide, ornamental, and MICROPHRASE – four variations of beautiful, elaborate phrases created by William Arnold himself. This brings the Shān Bawu to a new level of realism and color!

Check it out here!

Dramedy Volume 2

I had the opportunity to play on a bunch of tracks for Dramedy Volume 2, from Brand X Music.

Brand X is back with Dramedy Volume 2 and this time it’s all about sophisticated storytelling and whimsical wonder. A light modern touch will suit any genre from quirky intrigue to romantic comedy. Put this album on your top shelf, it’s guaranteed to be the one you won’t hear anywhere else! Twenty one brand new, classy and energetic tracks that pluck and pulse with flavor in styles ranging from dreamy pads and expressive woodwinds to saucier exotic selections. Featuring the inexhaustible work of Tom Gire, Dirk Ehlert, Corey Martin, Robert William Lamond, Erick DeVore, and Zachary David Marsh.

Here are a few of the tracks for your listening pleasure:

Native Spirit (Clarinet, Udu, Flute)

Wunderkind (Flute, Vocals)

Sequential Analysis (Flute)

Grand Inquisitor (Flute, Vocals)

For licensing and quote requests: info@brandxmusic.net.

Click here to check out the whole album!

Virtual Reality

You are transformed into an ethereal, ancient alien, who must work with your clan to ascend through a mind-bending, mystical world to be reunited with your tribe. Be prepared to have your reality turned upside down!

Engineerium is a virtual reality game from Zero Latency features the music of composer Aaron Edwards. Aaron hired me to add all sorts of flute layers to his music.


I recently finished a great collaboration with composer Koen Janssen. The track features several layers of vocals, which were all written and performed by yours truly.

Dirk Ehlert a.k.a. Caratacus

artworks-000184513406-u8xr9y-t500x500I am quite pleased to announce the release of a new album from composer Dirk Ehlert!

With “Caratacus[Dirk] merges his influences from his work as a trailer music and film composer, his symphonic metal and gothic history and sounds from all over the world. He creates touching epic and emotional soundscapes that will take you to other worlds.

The album, entitled “The Celtic Sessions Vol. 1,” features “14 tracks of ancient celtic magic, powerful rhythms, grande orchestra and mesmerizing performances by world flutist William Arnold from the United States and violinist extraordinaire Éanán Patterson from Ireland.” You can check out the seven tracks I played on below:

The album is available for purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. Coming soon to Amazon and Spotify.

New Reels

I have recently updated my vocal reel and created a brand new flutes reel. These are meant to be a quick way for composers to check out a variety of excerpts from my recording work. You can listen to them both below:

Land of Zion

IMG_1670Here’s a fun track composed by Bill Piyatut, featuring me on tin whistle. It will be used for the Kickstarter campaign for Land of Zion, “a new TCG (Trading Card Game)/Board game that offers a variety of elements such as resource management and tactical gameplay. The game is for 2 to 4 players played on a grid-based playmat. As the player you take the role of and control characters and engage in strategic battles across a battlefield against your opponent’s characters.