I am a composer and remote session musician.
I create evocative, emotional, and expressive leads and background textures using my voice and/or a variety of flutes from across the globe. I’m an experienced reader and improviser adept at fulfilling the needs of composers, songwriters, bands, and other media professionals.
Services I Offer
  • Remote recordings of vocals and world flutes
  • Full edit and pitch correction of all stems
  • Parts created from written notation, midi, or audio demos
  • Improvised parts
  • 24 Bit, 48kHz audio delivered in .wav or .aif formats (other formats available upon request)
  • Alternate takes
  • Vocal arrangements (e.g. choral, tribal, backing vocals)
More About Me

Some of my passions outside of music:

  • Tabletop & Role-playing Games — I wear my nerd badge with honor!
  • Traveling — Just give me a reason to collaborate with you in person…I dare you!
  • Calisthenics — I think that staying fit is an important part of a happy successful life.
  • Beer — It fits with the one above somehow, right?!?
  • Gravy — Okay, now I’m stretching it, but I just love gravy and sauces!

“William is one of those artists who never ceases to amaze by achieving the perfect balance between emotional and epic.”

Allen Constantine, Film/Media Composer